Luke Thompson, Esq. is a CA licensed Attorney

Collections: The Dirty Work

Helping you create solutions for keeping the cash flowing.

This has to be one of the most frustrating parts of running a business - getting paid. Are you tired of 90+ days out on private and public works jobs? TL&C can help you speed up the payment process, protect your rights, and get paid on outstanding amounts. It doesn't have to start with a lawsuit, we have cheaper and faster solutions; but if it goes there, we'll get you paid. 

Starting at $175/hr

Claims: Change Order Negotiations to Breach of Contract

Helping you to create the right claim to prevent losses and regain the profits you deserve.

Too often profits are lost because of missed claims opportunities.  You put in the work, but getting paid for it is the hard part. Let us help you create a claim that can win. From million dollar Miller Act and public works claims to private change orders, we have the experience to craft, negotiate, and defend. If all else fails and you need to bring it to court, we can handle that too. 

Starting at $175/hr

Contracts: Drafting, Crafting, and Controlling

Helping you to create powerful tools for controlling your risk and opening up opportunities.

With the right touch, contracts can help eliminate unwanted risks while creating opportunities for better client relationships and a more advantageous project scope. Are your contracts current and compliant? Are they everything they could be?


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